Measures for Corona-virus containment (click text)

Measures for Corona-virus containment

Dear Client,
due to the continuous spread of the corona virus in Germany, public policies have to be reassessed and adapted.

To slow the spread we urgently ask you to do the following:
Disinfect your hands on arrival at the front desk.
Only 1 person is allowed at the front desk at a time, please wait outside until administration of your pet.
Only 2 people are allowed in the waiting room.
– If possible, wait outside/in the car.
Keep a safety distance of 2 meters.
– Reduce visits to a minimum.
– If you should show symptoms of illness (e.g. coughing, runny nose or fever), let someone else bring your pet.
– Keep your children at home.
– If you have a protective mask we kindly ask you to wear it for your visit.
– If you have been to a region at risk within the last 14 days please postpone your visit with us until an expiry of a period of 14 days.
– For questions or to clear uncertainty we are at your service.